TIP OF THE WEEK 11/24: Morgue File - Files 01-12 Compilation CS (Attic Shrines)

TIP OF THE WEEK 11/24: Morgue File - Files 01-12 Compilation CS (Attic Shrines)

Just received new releases from Attic Shrine a few weeks ago. Attic Shrine is a US label that has a very distinct style, with releases soaked in post-mortem atmospheres, old industrial landscapes, and haunting, otherworldly dark ambiance. Many of the projects are anonymous, and there's a certain mysterious aura behind both the releases and the label itself.

^all images are taken from the artist bandcamp

This Morgue File cassette is massive, a 90min tape collecting self-released tapes that have been issued in quantities of only 5-10 copies in 2023. I was not familiar with this project before, and that is what a good label does, it brings out artists and projects that have gone unnoticed by a larger audience, be it due to artistic preference or not. There's not much information about the artist, whether they're a newcomer or a side project of a more familiar name. However, the artist does have a bandcamp and youtube presence, so they're not completely under the radar.

As mentioned, the tape is massive and enjoyable even in smaller proportions as there are three releases included. The sound is very minimal, bathed in a nice tape hiss (don't get me wrong, the dubs are very nice, but it's an artistic vision). For those who enjoy that minimal, haunting, and rotten post-mortem ambiance, this is a sweet release. And I definitely do!

As the project name suggests, the theme around the tracks is probably real deal autopsy records/morgue files. There's a small graphic description taken from these files for track subtitles, and the tracks are simply titled File 01, File 02, etc... It sets the mood just right, almost allowing you to feel the smell of necrotic tissue rising from under the floorboards. It's a great tape to play in the dark for example. Cabin music. 

The original tape entries reveal that these recordings were made using modular synthesis, field recordings, various pieces of metal, contact mics, dirt, bones and mostly recorded live to tape. What's most important is that this music was created with an approach focused on retaining atmosphere rather than just boasting around. It's a simple but effective use of gear and recording medium with a clear vision. Those who have enjoyed Attic Shrines label output before will definitely like this. The cassette comes in an ash/moss colored transparent clamshell box with transparent inserts, making whole release look very neat and thought out. Especially for those who missed the original extremely limited tapes (probably all of you), this is a must-have.


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