TIP OF THE WEEK 4/24: Point of Memory - Void Pusher 2LP/CD (Misanthropic Agenda)

TIP OF THE WEEK 4/24: Point of Memory - Void Pusher 2LP/CD (Misanthropic Agenda)

This is a good one: the debut album by Point of Memory, released by Misanthropic Agenda. I have both 2LP and CD versions available. The 2LP comes in a gatefold, and the CD comes in a digipack; both have a very nice, high-gloss, almost metallic finish.

LP version

^LP version (image from label)

Musically, this is a very exciting release with lots to listen to. Highly evocative sonic landscapes are filled with micro-detailed ear candy. The label's description highlights a few details of the recording process that seem to have been a long and intricate journey, involving lots of processing and reprocessing of the sounds:

- All sounds performed live through amplifiers, PA systems, oracoustically and captured with room microphones.
- Some sounds created at home and laundered through amplifiers and PA systems via playback and reamplification.
- Percussion phenomenon created by inaudible sub-bass played in the amp room to make snares, bells, and guitars sympathetically resonate.

cd version

^cd version (image from label)

All that is very interesting. The music could be classified somewhere within the realms of electro-acoustic, "computer-acoustic(?)", experimental ambient, and cinematic noise. It's undeniably beautiful, yet not all relaxing in the conventional sense. It consistently keeps the listener on their toes; for instance, in the midst of a beautiful passage, you might find yourself doubting if your CD player is malfunctioning. For good electro-acoustic music, this level of creativity and experimentation is precisely what one should expect.

It appears that this release benefits from multiple listens to fully acquaint oneself with the world of Point of Memory, and that's always a positive aspect. As stated in the description, "Void Pusher was mixed every morning for nine months," emphasizing the significant time and effort invested in the final product. Such vision is impossible to fully grasp with just one or two listens. 

Despite the project's anonymity, there seem to be hints on the Point Of Memory Bandcamp site (https://pointofmemory.bandcamp.com/album/void-pusher) that might suggest who is behind it.

Very recommended release to check out. Especially if you're into more experimental and soundtrack-esque music, but it's likely to resonate with noiseheads as well. I've given it a listen a couple of times, and it feels like the journey is just getting started. 



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