TIP OF THE WEEK 46/23: Joseph Hammer / Joe Potts / John Wiese - The Elusive Flexure 2CD

TIP OF THE WEEK 46/23: Joseph Hammer / Joe Potts / John Wiese - The Elusive Flexure 2CD

Helicopter (label by John Wiese) released a summer batch of 5 CDs in June, all of which were very good, but this one stood out for me. There hasn't been much talk about this double CD, but there's no reason why, as it's a very good album.


It offers something different and is a real treat for the ears. Two LAFMS veterans, Joseph Hammer and Joe Potts, team up with John Wiese for a session recorded in 2018. I understand it's all or mostly live, Potts playing Chopped Optigan sampler followed by reel-to-reel manipulation by Hammer and Wiese. 

What strikes me the most is the strange, dreamlike atmosphere here. It's a good album to listen to with earphones, filled with lots of small details. Tape manipulation on tape manipulation and interesting samples creates interesting ear-fitting textures and microsounds. And what I love, is the erotic samples in the mix; they make it feel more like a sexy daydream. There's a lady on the cover, or is it?

The CDs come in a nice, thick double digipack, and the color palette is well-suited to the hazy atmosphere of the sounds. It also includes liner notes by Takuya Sakaguchi: "Listening to this album, I feel that I am having multiple dreams at once. The dreams are fragmented and mixed, flowing through time. Dreams are recalled after we wake up, and we are not exactly aware of them while we sleep. However, when listening to music in this album, it is strange to think that the dreams we are having are like this in fact. This may be music that shows us the other side of consciousness." I couldn't agree more. 

A very intriguing listen and a recommended grab, whether for a daydream soundtrack or a more focused listening session.  


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