TIP OF THE WEEK 47/23: Radiosonde - Interference:Pattern CD (Chondritic Sound)

TIP OF THE WEEK 47/23: Radiosonde - Interference:Pattern CD (Chondritic Sound)

This is something that was released 2 years ago, but I only had the opportunity to obtain it now for my distribution. 'Radiosonde's Interference: Pattern' was originally released on cassette in 1995 by 7hz. Despite the material being 28 years old, the reissue from 2021 by Chondritic Sound shows that it is still relevant

image from discogs

^Original cassette, picture from discogs

I'm captivated by the exciting sounds running through this cd; it's a very interesting release. There are lots of pulsating electronics, reminiscent of failing radio interference patterns—a doomsday atmosphere following apocalyptic solar flares causing electromagnetic bursts that disrupt all communication systems. Decaying signals, broken wires sparking in the engine room, like an MRI scan gone wrong. Static becomes ecstatic. 

The album is 60 minutes long, and, of course, there are some idling moments, but that was the norm in the '90s (not necessary a bad thing). There wasn't as much editing, and artists had all the time in the world to carefully construct their ideas, of course depending on the length of the master tape. At least that's what I think so. Perhaps it's different nowadays when the 'market' is vastly bigger, and you have to differentiate yourself more quickly in the streaming era.

The CD comes in a standard digipack with a nice design crafted by the label boss, Greh Holger. It's simple yet very effective, staying true to the original idea. The CD has been remastered by the artist, Scott Arford himself, and it sounds excellent with all the details (though I haven't heard the original). If this description piqued your interest, I'm confident you'll enjoy it.

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