TIP OF THE WEEK 51/23: Jim Haynes - Inauspicious LP (Helen Scarsdale Agency)

TIP OF THE WEEK 51/23: Jim Haynes - Inauspicious LP (Helen Scarsdale Agency)

The new Jim Haynes album is always a treat, just like his noise. Very fresh, just released on Jim's own Helen Scarsdale Agency label. Album features very dynamic content, such as 'stuck-in-an-engine-room-with-a-faulty-motor' noise to more deep sounding lively drones. The harsher palette blends seamlessly with more atmospheric elements. The label provides a pretty nice description of what's happening here:"

"the tools for haynes' work remain limited: motors, electronics, shortwave radio, found objects, all applied with considerable pressure. compositionally, inauspicious is a very rough moire pattern from overlapping elliptical structures that can negate and obfuscate just as easily as they can compound and aggregate. the album surges and collapses upon the two twenty minute chunks of controlled noise that follow an internal logic that snakes from brooding power drones, spectral radio transmission, and an aktionist demolition cast upon metal, glass, and unfortunate wooden objects. rupture and release. purge and pulse."

The album sounds superb—no external surface noise (no pun intended)—and it appears to be a very well-cut record, mastered by James Plotkin. While I haven't had the opportunity for headphone listening yet, I bet it works great in that setting too. On stereos, the sound is very clear and dynamic, with enough bass. It has a nice, big sound.


The reverse board sleeve comes with a very nice, thick 8-page LP-sized booklet featuring textural and hazy images that fit the mood perfectly. A download code is also included and album is limited to 200 copies. 

'Inauspicious' is highly recommended LP, and I should also have a few copies of Jim Haynes' previous releases from 2022 (Turbulence LP and Insomnia CD) still in stock, both of which are also brilliant.

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