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Apex Parasite - Erosion Of The Will CD

Apex Parasite - Erosion Of The Will CD

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"Fans of radical Power Electronics beware- Apex Parasite is on the rise! Presenting their debut, APEX PARASITE are here to show that they mean business.

The sound is clearly situated on the harsher side of the spectrum, offering aggressive crackles and throbbing basslines in perfect interaction. Commanding upfront vocals spew absolute contempt and under all of this, there is a certain sickness and darkness that has made Northern Europe the homeland of fierce Post Mortem sounds.

Apex Parasite offers refreshing balls to the wall brutality which could be compared to the past Highlights by Green Army Fraction or the leading figures of the German Heavy Electronics tradition. Highly recommended to those Who are still able to grasp the essence of Cultural Terrorist Power Electronics and celebrate its long gone happiness."

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