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Bricks - Humanity Is a Sinking Ship CS

Bricks - Humanity Is a Sinking Ship CS

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Christopher S. Feltner
Ry Sikora
Guillermo Pizarro
"When I was asked to write my thoughts on the new BRICKS release, “Humanity Is A Sinking Ship,” I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. Nothing about how we operate in this band makes sense. We rarely see each other. We have never written or practiced our songs together. Everything is done remotely.

We have (so far) only played one show per year of existence. Two days before our fourth show (of our fourth year), it was cancelled due to COVID-19. This is ironic since this was the year that we were going to try to perform live a little more, possibly.

In the midst of all of this, Billy and I talked about Power Electronics. Two days before we spoke, I had the thought, “I’ve never done a Power Electronics release.” Billy said that he’d like BRICKS to do a PE-based release. No drum sequencing which lead to no real song structure. Ry was on board with the idea.

Before I started writing lyrics, Billy dropped another idea that I wasn’t crazy about at first: without any of their parts as reference; and with no beat or song structure; record my vocal parts first. This lead to me accepting this alien approach as a challenge. So, without any limit of structure or rhythm, I wrote out two long, companion pieces of lyrics: “Humanity is a sinking ship” and “You don’t have to drown.” Ry and Billy made “Weights” without me which fits nicely between the two sets of lyrics.

What you will hear is three audible pieces of feeling. I’m not talking about emotion (though that is certainly present). I’m talking about having a feeling, and expressing it. Maybe it’s more akin to a movie scene where the sound colors the feeling of the scene. The feeling of this release (to me) is discontent, frustration, confrontation and hope."

-Christopher S. Feltner

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