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Steep Gloss

Claude & Ola with Immara - Glimmers Of Quintessence CS

Claude & Ola with Immara - Glimmers Of Quintessence CS

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Recorded from autumn of 2021 into 2022, this collaboration introduces new sounds and textures into each artist's catalog, while retaining and amplifying the varying degrees of abstraction inherent in their unique approaches.

Claude and Ola Aldous are experimental musicians residing in the northern reaches of New York state in the US. They have previously released music on the Steep Gloss, TQN-Aut, Tone Burst, and Noise á Noise labels as a duo and have performed throughout the northeast of the US. They also publish the experimental music zine periodical Deft Esoterica.

Trained in classical guitar, Todd Lent is a multi-instrumentalist who incorporates influences and elements from a diverse range of global musical genres into his writing and performance. Besides collaborating with choreographers and filmmakers on dance, film, and experimental mixed-media productions, he also leads groups and teaches Buddhist mindfulness and awakening.

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