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Dull World - Shattering the Illusion of Superiority CDr

Dull World - Shattering the Illusion of Superiority CDr

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Dull World is the wall project of Branden Diven, a noise lifer who has served as the head of AAD and Melomania. Diven has been finger on the pulse with the current noise scene as long as I have been involved and it is with great pleasure to introduce “Shattering…” to the public. This release is an hour long, concise wall that really forces you to submit to the sound itself. It’s a listen that really pulls you in and leaves you zoning out in deep thought. A lot of modern wall has not done it for me, but this project brings an approach that is very interesting. The psychedelic space art will pull you in and then once you click play, you will be locked into an hour of unapologetic, nihilistic noise. Get ready! .

distro will be available in EU through Satatuhatta and in Canada through Scream & Writhe. for non-MPR USA distribution, there will be a copy of each in Skeleton Dust Records. stay tuned.

Recorded live in one take at Studio Melomania, Fall 2023.

"Nothing really matters, anyone can see...nothing really matters to me."


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