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Forest Management - New York Seltzer CS

Forest Management - New York Seltzer CS

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In a lab experiment the retinas of mice were subjected to different lighting conditions, either dark-adapted or exposed to ambient light. Specifically, retinas were dissected from mice that had either been in darkness or in ambient light for a certain period. In other experiments, retinas were exposed to room light, and manipulations were conducted under ambient light conditions. The cruel focus was to study the response of lateral eyes to ambient light. To create perfect lighting for say a dorm room. Just as the retinas of mice are exposed to varying levels of light, you can not so happily sublimate yourself here. The comparison shows the significance of your environment in perceiving experiences. Forest Management invites you to look around. As lighting conditions influence retinal function, the environment influences subtle nuances within FM's music. The results are an album that's higher than giraffe pussy while strongly defined by soft-handed interplay of light and sound. About as good as it gets. -JC

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