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Kartio - Liskoaivo CS

Kartio - Liskoaivo CS

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New Kartio tape released by Nekorekords!

Liskoaivo is a Finnish word for "lizard brain", the region of the brain that regulates our primitive reactions.
As sophisticated as oscillators and modular synthesis might be, at the core lies an unexplainable urge to get away from unease, even though it might be totally unconscious: we arrive at an uncharted and mysterious point of sonic landscapes that remind us of primordial states we forgot to remember.

Recorded 2021-2022 onto various recycled cassettes with Tascam Porta02 and Philips D6920 MK2 machines.
Oscillations, modulations, and interferences sourced from Blippoo Box, various Eurorack cofigurations, manipulated Reaktor patches by Doron Sadja, Michael Hetrick, some DIY patches, and assembled in Reaper, of course.

Kiitos MS aka Disco Mutant!
ATWA infinita

Nekorekords 2023 // NEKO-37 // 100 made

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