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Maranata - Tarmac CD

Maranata - Tarmac CD

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MARANATA is Jon Wesseltoft and Dag Stiberg, a Norwegian duo active since the mid 2000s with releases on distinguished labels such Picadisk, [OHM] Records, New Forces and Abhorrent A.D. “Tarmac” consists of two long-form barrages of sharp hellfire - the first being a tight slab of density and frenzied purge; the second a nest of fractured pressure and restrained intensity, eventually giving in to total implosion. Stiberg’s baritone sax sits perfectly along the spinal cord of the exploded robot carcass that is Wesseltoft’s electronics, hissing and wheezing along with the churning static, and whipping amongst the piercing electronic tones. Fantastic sticky metallic textures and brain drilling pressure abounds. The distinct layers hover in perfect equilibrium with each other while constantly stretching and bouncing, where any given moment along the timeline displays a deep and unique vertical strata. This is undeniable harsh noise. Recorded in Oslo in 2021, mastered by Lasse Marhaug.



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