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Merzbow - Oersted 2LP

Merzbow - Oersted 2LP

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Merzbow's impact transcends the confines of traditional music, embodying an ethos of constant innovation and fearless exploration into uncharted realms of sound. Navigating through the annals of Merzbow's extensive career reveals an artist who, for over 40 years, has remained dedicated to reshaping our understanding of music and pushing the boundaries of sonic expression.
We are thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated vinyl reissue of Merzbow's groundbreaking album Oersted. This album, originally released on CD in 1996, marked a significant milestone in the experimental noise music scene, showcasing the unparalleled sonic explorations of the legendary Masami Akita, known as Merzbow.
Oersted is a sonic journey through realms of noise, texture, and intensity that have solidified Merzbow's status as a pioneer in the realm of noise music. The album features a collection of meticulously crafted tracks that push the boundaries of sound manipulation and composition, creating an immersive experience for listeners daring enough to delve into its sonic landscapes. The vinyl reissue, masterfully remastered for the first time by the esteemed James Plotkin, renowned for his unparalleled expertise, breathes fresh life and depth into the album's already rich and intricate sonic landscape, unveiling new detail within its reverberant dense tapestry and complex noise palette.
Each track on Oersted is a aural sculpture, with layers of distorted frequencies, pulsating rhythms, and unexpected sonic artifacts that challenge conventional notions of music and sound. Features four untitled tracks originally on CD, each occupying an entire side of the vinyl, except for the track on side D, which shares the side with two bonus tracks. These tracks epitomize a profound and multifaceted sonic odyssey, harnessing various tapes and the raw power of analog instruments and tools such as EMS Synthia, metallic electronics, various filters, and processed audio mixer. Side A plunges the listener into a kaleidoscopic amalgamation of unrefined sound elements, steadily weaving together strata of intensity and textural richness that evolve dynamically over its duration. Side B embarks on a sonic expedition delving deep into mesmerizing rhythms and intricately woven soundscapes, crafting an immersive experience that challenges traditional notions of musical structure and form. Side C boldly pushes the frontiers of sound manipulation, employing dynamic tonal shifts and varying intensities to construct a visceral and immersive sonic landscape. Side D, in its initial segment, extends the sonic narrative into uncharted realms of noise and texture, maintaining a cohesive yet unpredictable sonic progression. The supplementary tracks in the latter part of Side D provide additional depth to Merzbow's sonic experimentation, showcasing distinctive sonic palettes and layers that harmonize with the album's overarching themes and exploratory essence.
The original artwork for the 1996 CD digipack, curated by Masami Akita, stands out for its minimalism and visual impact. The pink outer cover, with only the artist's name and album title in silver-gray at the center, grabs attention with its bold simplicity, foreshadowing the sonic experience of the album. Inside, the green provides a pleasing contrast, with credits in silver-gray maintaining stylistic coherence. The vinyl reissue faithfully replicates the graphics with a gatefold cover, enhancing the visual impact of the original artwork. The blending of pink and green colors creates a striking visual effect, highlighting the beauty of simplicity in Akita's graphic design.

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