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Abhorrent A.D.

Shuttlecook - Shuttlecook Cdr

Shuttlecook - Shuttlecook Cdr

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Shuttlecock is a new solo project by Tomas Bennett, which made it's label debut on the recent "Life is Fucking Stupendous!" compilation.

Known for his main moniker Tinnitustimulus, which has always been eager to push boundaries and experiment (as far as Harsh Noise is concerned), Shuttlecock is a departure in many ways...mainly that the broken, dirty, analog electronics are abandoned here in favor of more clean and concise computer generated sounds...albeit even more bizarre, unpredictable and experimental than what is typically expected from his more established project (or the contemporary noise scene in general).

The result is a full length albums worth of dynamic, multi-layered compositions melding together an amalgamation of sounds (both satisfying and disturbing) ranging from raw to heavily processed, giving the listener endless opportunities to try and decipher what the fuck is going on. Even better to stop trying to make sense of the absurdist chaos that is this sonic venture, and just enjoy the ride for what it is.


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