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Sleeping With The Earth - Now, Tomorrow, The Last CD

Sleeping With The Earth - Now, Tomorrow, The Last CD

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The first full-length CD from Sleeping with the Earth in his 25+ year history, "Now, Tomorrow, the Last" pushes a unique vision of death industrial through crude, broken and modified equipment. The pieces here are not routine or easily-repeatable, instead salvaged from the electricity and bottled to tape. Machined rhythms hammer away while the circuits overload and a displaced fragment of humanity howls against the pandemonium.

Long-time Chondritic listeners will know Sleeping with the Earth from the 2005's Waiting 3". The project, while continually active since the late 90s, has a sparse but powerful discography. Rectifying this was the impetus for SWTE to come to Los Angeles in 2014 to record with yours truly (GH) working the 4-track and mixing. The resulting album flowed over the span of the few days, having been constantly refined and reimagined over years of live performances.

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