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Abhorrent A.D.

Systems - Homepsun CS

Systems - Homepsun CS

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"I first heard and contacted Systems. after acquiring the highly impressive "Endless Tunnel" cassette from Veil Tapes...which was later remastered and reissued on CD by White Centipede Noise (rightfully so).

Finally, after anxiously waiting, the tape release is here and was crafted in a very unexpected way that I would have never anticipated...

It's hard to imagine something as tranquil and quiet could ever result in such relentless heavy walls of crunch and crumble, all with squelching mixer feedback squirming it's way through the crevices...but that is exactly what happens when you attach amplified contact mics to large crochet hooks with yarn and "thread" made from recycled plastic bags in order to capture the repeated motions of the process, in real time, straight to tape.

Apparently, there were several demo versions of "Homespun" made in preparation for this release and each one was sent to a specific individual, housed in a bag that was handmade during each recording.

These are the final versions of the process Systems. so masterfully planned executed, leaving one eager for whatever comes next from the project."


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