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Will Over Matter - Old Possessed Amplifiers CS

Will Over Matter - Old Possessed Amplifiers CS

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With 2024 tape Will Over Matter offers half an hour of instrumental electronic minimalism. Previous tape was somewhere in the lines of early rhythmic industrial a'la Esplendor Geometrico meets most crude electronic rhythmic signals known from Mika Vainio's work. "Old Possessed Amplifiers" creates something slightly unusual for WOM.

WOM developed its own spirit of sound that escapes many of the trappings of contemporary industrial & electronics music, and manages to capture old manually played primitive feel. "Old Possessed Amplifiers" reminds bit of instrumental Club Moral or DDV, with simple and primitive sequencer patterns run though old amplifiers... and very little happens. It is almost like forgotten early electronic-experiments found from old tape archives, yet recording comes from February 2024!

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