TIP OF THE WEEK 16/24: The Vital Organ Issue 2

TIP OF THE WEEK 16/24: The Vital Organ Issue 2

Most of you are probably familiar with The Vital Organ zine and may already own the previous issue, as it was a success and sold out fairly quickly. Zine is made by Mikko Polus, who runs also Garbage Fountain label. The second issue is now available and features a mouthwatering lineup of artists: Maskhead, Zalhietzli, Haudat, Mogao, Umpio, Government Alpha, and Bryskt. Unlike the first issue, which predominantly featured Finnish artists, this one includes international talent too. 

I believe a significant portion of noise listeners are interested in creating noise themselves or are at least curious about the methods employed by different artists. This very well executed zine caters to that need. Even if you're not a hardcore gearhead, you'll find plenty of interesting information here that offers a glimpse into the magic of noise artists. 

This issue is already flying off the shelves, so I urge you to pick it up before it sells out.

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