TIP OF THE WEEK: 17/24 Skärgård!

TIP OF THE WEEK: 17/24 Skärgård!


This is a pretty new Finnish noise project that I only discovered recently. I just got some copies of these self-released tapes by artist including Varven, Garden Shed, and the latest work, Egen Frid - Oma Rauha


All tapes are very good. The name of the game is junk noise with garden shed tools, scrap metal, glass, chainsaw, or anything that is on hand at a cabin or garden shed. It's mostly acoustic clatter, with nice attention to detail and depth of sound. Sometimes spiced with some electric noise, but very mildly. At times, it rises even to Changez Les Blockeurs type of atmospheres, for reference. 

^picture taken from artist page, probably from the recording sessions

It's evident that the artist has a good ear for noise. Even though this is nothing new, it's executed with style and keeps ears busy. Good tapes to put on for inspiration during springtime, and to start planning outdoor chores for the upcoming summer.

^Garden Shed tape

Tapes are self-released, some on recycled tapes with photocopied J-cards. They're limited to somewhere around 20 copies from what I know. So definitely worth grabbing if you're into Finnish noise and/or acoustic junk noise. It's a sound that never gets old.

^Varven tape

You can get the tapes also straight from artist bandcamp https://skrgrd.bandcamp.com/


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