TIP OF THE WEEK 19/24: Franciska - Afvikling CS (Gracious Host)

TIP OF THE WEEK 19/24: Franciska - Afvikling CS (Gracious Host)

Just got a restock of these Franciska tapes from Gracious Host. This tape is superb, and more people need to hear it. It was the highlight of the previous Gracious Host batch for me, although all the releases were excellent. What a great label!

Afvikling is proper tape music with fractured loops and nice lo-fi production, featuring a great amount of "woolsock sound" consisting of field recordings and some piano tampering, minor feedback sounds, tape manipulation and failing electronics. The compositions are very delicate and filled with nice textural details. Haunting and beautiful, like a fading memory.

Gracious Host tapes are always made on recycled tapes with great care and the visual presentation is consistently astonishing. They have their own distinctive style, making Gracious Host tapes recognizable from afar. Yet, layout of the each title remains uniquely striking and visually very impressive.

Franciska is a Danish project by Jonas Torstensen that I first encountered through the excellent LP, "Tryghed" on Discreet Music. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more.

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