TIP OF THE WEEK 2/24: H.Ö.H. - H.Ö.H. CD (Freak Animal)

TIP OF THE WEEK 2/24: H.Ö.H. - H.Ö.H. CD (Freak Animal)

Hello, Tip Of The Week is back after a two-week holiday, so here we go again. Freak Animal has released an impressive batch of new CDs at the beginning of the year, featuring 'Pain Appendix', 'Yksi', 'Cov Ops', 'Karmic Delusions', and two H.Ö.H. reissues. Among these, the H.Ö.H. self-titled compilation CD of early tapes is the one I've been eagerly anticipating the most. Originally released in 2017, it has been sold out for many years, making it nearly impossible to find, especially due to an unnecessary Discogs ban.

Most of you are likely familiar with Finnish H.Ö.H. and his crude and raw hands-on cassette primitivism. This CD brings together early tapes from 2014-2015, including 'Signal', 'White Genocide', 'Hidasälyinen', and one previously unreleased track.

If you missed out on this CD six years ago, now is the perfect time to correct the mistake. The 'Superorganism' CD version is also available, and both are highly recommended. 


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