TIP OF THE WEEK 21/24: Zalhietzli - Étreinte CD (Krim Kram)

TIP OF THE WEEK 21/24: Zalhietzli - Étreinte CD (Krim Kram)

This is a good one, and it's no surprise. Zalhietzli has been one of the most innovative noise artists in recent years, utilizing modified tape decks, computers, metal instruments, and whatnot to compose a real treat. The album title "Étreinte" translates to "embrace", and that's what it is, a big hug for the ears. Broken textures with lots of details, analog colliding with digital, hands-on played harsh noise shaking hands with programmed sounds.

This is the first CD by the project, and it suits the material very well. All the micro sounds are perfectly heard and felt. The mixing is done by Diam Mati, as usual with Zalhietzli albums, and this CD is mastered by Grant Richardson.

Big ups to Krim Kram for taking it up a notch with the CD presentation. The full inner print is a nice touch, and this slim digipack CD comes with a big poster. In these times of ”bulk” digipack CD's, I appreciate the effort to make it visually and physically stand out. Even if it costs a little more to make, CD's are still quite affordable to manufacture.

If you have liked previous releases by Zalhietzli, you will not be disappointed with this one. I think it's the best so far.

Check it out on label or artist bandcamp. 


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