TIP OF THE WEEK 3/24: Ineffable Slime - Stalking the Sphinx CD (Virtues)

TIP OF THE WEEK 3/24: Ineffable Slime - Stalking the Sphinx CD (Virtues)

Ineffable Slime grabbed my attention with the great tape 'A Roll Of The Dice' from Tribe Tabes last year. It's really good piece of harsh noise and as I'm writing this, there should be few in stock still. 

The 'Stalking The Sphinx' CD was released at the end of 2023 by the Virtues label. The first batch I received flew out of the window immediately, so I had to restock. Now they are available again, but only as long as the stock lasts.

Hailing from the US, Ineffable Slime's thematic releases seem to delve into the esoteric and occult realm with a unique flair. They go beyond the typical occult fare, venturing behind the curtains to explore the depths of real secret knowledge, decoding messages from outer space, and opening portals to other dimensions, maybe... 

Anyhow, it seems there is a genuine interest behind the subject.

The music itself is both adventurous and wild, maintaining dynamics, diversity, and delivering intriguing nuances with well-placed samples and a good pace. This creates an otherworldly atmosphere, something truly "unexplained". It's still harsh noise but a very interesting kind. The essence is found in the compositions and distinctive choices, rather than in the typical textural worship. Undoubtedly, one of the better discs from last year. 


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