TIP OF THE WEEK 42/23: Masonna - Evil Black Disc 3" CD

TIP OF THE WEEK 42/23: Masonna - Evil Black Disc 3" CD

Evil Black Disc was originally released as 7" in 2016 only pressing of 99 copies.  That sold out immediately and is now very sought after release. Of course pressing was very small, but the material what was recorded in 2012 is still very good harsh noise, so no surprise it's gone rare. This year Hello From The Gutter released 3"CD version of that release (what was originally planned to release as 25th anniversary Masonna release). Cd is clocking 9:42 minutes and has 25 tracks of superb vocal delivered fierce harsh noise, classic Masonna stuff. CD can be listened easily on repeat, as 10 minutes goes by quickly.

I'm a big fan of 3"cd's. It's very handy format, and 21min is good length for harsh noise release, like a C20 tape. Only downside is that it's quite expensive to make, when compared to regular cd's. So less minutes for the money, but usually very much quality instead. 

And like here, release is quite pricy, but it's very well done. Super nice layout with 6x3" packaging and artwork is done by Masahiko Ohno of Solmania. Cd has been remastered by Soichiro Nakamura of Peace Music. 

Very recommended release for Masonna fans, especially if you missed the earlier 7". And I'm sure this still stands on it's own with nice and crisp cd mastering. 



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