TIP OF THE WEEK 48/23: Infektionsabteilung - Ewigkeit CS (Angst)

TIP OF THE WEEK 48/23: Infektionsabteilung - Ewigkeit CS (Angst)

I first came across Infektionsabteilung on the 'Hier Ist Kein Trost' CD (2021, At War With False Noise) and was immediately drawn to it. The latest tape from the project 'Ewigkeit' was released on Angst earlier this year. While I don't know much about the project, it appears to operate anonymously and hails from Italy. Strangely enough, the artist's name, titles, and samples in the release are all in German.


What captivates me about this tape is its unique sonic landscape, which could be characterized as death industrial, even veering into power electronics. It features a short delicious harsher moment and even hints of a kosmische krautrock feel (Tangerine Dream etc..). Mainly it's moving on with simple, pulsating synth lines, and it maintains a hazy, morbid atmosphere.

The name 'Infektionsabteilung' translates to 'infectious disease department,' conjuring vivid images of a closed-off section filled with abandoned medical supplies, decay, and rot on the walls and corridors, an ambiance of death and cosmic horror. Analogue electronics made with style I'd say. 

The sound on the tape is very nice, binding the sonics together seamlessly. There are some surprising sound effects emerging from the mix, which work great. Not just here but usually the synths are something that really benefits from the tape compression.

I've listened the tape pretty much, but only now have I taken a closer look at the artwork. The cover art is fantastic, and the images inside the tape and insert add even more to the mood. 

This tape is limited to only 50 copies, and I have few available. Angst is an Italian label, and they've recently released an intriguing new batch of tapes, which I hope to have in the distro soon.

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