TIP OF THE WEEK 50/23: Stinkfinger - Secret and Inward Ejaculations of the Heart CD (Hiisi Productions)

TIP OF THE WEEK 50/23: Stinkfinger - Secret and Inward Ejaculations of the Heart CD (Hiisi Productions)

The Finnish noise label Hiisi Productions released four new CDs just a week ago. I haven't had time to listen to the other two (Maskhead and Kadaver) from the solid batch yet, but that will be corrected very soon.

Meanwhile, the CDs from Mogao and Stinkfinger have been on heavy rotation since then—both highly recommended. I'm going to share a few words about Stinkfinger, as it's a fairly new noise project that released its debut tape last summer through Garbage Fountain (There are a few copies left in the store as of writing this).

This debut full-length continues where the tape left off. The tape was a really good introduction to the world of tape-crunched pedal harsh noise of Stinkfinger, and the sound has not been compromised on this CD. The sound here is a very delicious tape saturation-driven harsh noise, utilizing an arsenal of effects pedals and contact mic'd/amplified source in the mix. There's nothing new under the noise sun, but that is what makes it so refreshing.

The tracks sound like live sessions, with all sounds intertwining nicely amidst a great amount of tape hiss (in a good way of course). The compositions are very free-flowing, featuring even some idling parts that fit the overall mood very well. It's raw and unpolished, resembling intense sessions battled onto a tape player, with the deck's bars screaming red in competition with the artist.

With 4 tracks and a total running time of almost 44 minutes, it's evident that these tracks haven't been trimmed into soulless noise pieces. Instead, they retain a charming quality where you can discover interesting sounds and solutions, whether intentional or magically added by the 'full-on red' recording method.

While Stinkfinger is a relatively new project, the artist himself is no stranger to the noise scene, bringing substantial experience from long-term projects like 'Unclean' and recent collaborations such as 'Impakt'.

Oh, a noteworthy mention goes to the very nice artwork on this CD, which is always an essential element in the physical format. It's like an experience in a fine restaurant when the visual presentation enhances the appetite. The artwork has a very pleasing color palette, evoking a delightful vintage feel.

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