TIP OF THE WEEK 7/24: Heppakirjat!

TIP OF THE WEEK 7/24: Heppakirjat!

Heppakirjat is an intriguing new Finnish noise project. I have here two tapes: the first, 'Don't know about dogs, but rats ain't got no buddha nature - die! die!', came out in edition of 3(!) last November, and this new run is limited to 25 copies. The same limitation applies to the second tape, 'Virgin at the bus stop', released in January 2024.

This project is very DIY; tapes are dubbed by the artist. One peculiar notion that sets the artist apart from other noise makers today is that they have a webpage. Check it out: http://www.heppakirjat.fi/. It includes even a manifesto, which is always a plus.

The tapes are very nice C30s, with good quality dubs. I especially have to praise the beautiful and tasteful cover art. Besides the nice colors and pictures, it conveys a specific mood, as hinted by 'Spiritual Noiseworks' subtext on the website. Visually good looking tape serves like an appetizer stimulating anticipation to hit play. 

The noise itself is also very good, consisting mostly of field recordings, junk metal, and tape manipulation with a good ear for textures and recording quality. Very mature stuff for a debut release.




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