TIP OF THE WEEK 8/24: Arv & Miljö - Samling 2CD (Krim Kram)

TIP OF THE WEEK 8/24: Arv & Miljö - Samling 2CD (Krim Kram)

To cut it short, this is an absolutely mandatory 2CD compilation collecting all Arv & Miljö compilation appearances from 2010 to 2015. It presents the noisier, early material from this Gothenburg project.
This compilation was first released as a double tape in 2016 by the Italian label Archivio Diafonico in an edition of 70. Therefore, the 2CD reissue in a larger quantity is very welcomed, thanks to the brilliant Krim Kram label from Ireland.

^image of original tape release taken from discogs

^info panel from the cd

The CDs come in a nice six-panel digipack, and the whole set is mastered by Grant Richardson, maintaining the original atmosphere (I assume, as I don't own the original releases), while the sound remains perfectly gritty, and tape-tastically delicious. This release is highly recommended to pick up, especially if you've been enjoying the newer 2020s sound of broken primitive electronics or happen to be a fan of pulsating and minimal post-mortem-ish synth action. All in all, the tracks are varied in a good way and come together to create very enjoyable listening experience. 

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