TIP OF THE WEEK 9/24: Otto Taimela - A Life CS (Cudighi Records)

TIP OF THE WEEK 9/24: Otto Taimela - A Life CS (Cudighi Records)

This week's tip is something very different from harsh noise and lies other side of spectrum of usual experimental music seen here. Cudighi Records (US) just released new tape by Finnish sound artist Otto Taimela, that I've been a fan of some time, especially since from brilliant 2020 LP release 'Kimmeltie' from Ultraääni Records. 

This new tape offers breathtakingly beautiful ambient soundscapes with an organic touch and a great sense of melody and composition. This is something that is not usually present in this genre nowadays. Two first tracks partly reminds me of if some Japanese ambient/environmental music artist had created a soundtrack for the Downton Abbey series, heh. And that's a big compliment. The music is cinematic, evocative, and has lots of memorable moments for an ambient-like album. There are also some field recordings and samples involved in the mix, and the cassette adds a little pace towards the end.

Cassette is good quality ferro tape that add's nice warmth to the sound, which suits this music perfectly. You can check it out Bandcamp: https://ottotaimela.bandcamp.com/album/a-life but for me, this is tape music as it's best. 


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