TIP OF THE WEEK 44/23: Macronympha - Whorechestra 3CD

TIP OF THE WEEK 44/23: Macronympha - Whorechestra 3CD

When it comes to noise, Macronympha is one of the best. At least for me, you can't top the classic Macrosound. There have been a few Macronympha reissues lately, but never too many


This 3CD reissue of Whorechestra was recently released on Dada Drumming. It includes the original Whorechestra C60 tape that was initially released in 1995 by MSNP, and on top of that, an unheard C90 version that is split into two CDs (A and B sides). As the label writes: "Sent to a few acquaintances and friends and then laid aside in favor of the C-60 version mixed by Rodger Stella, the C-90 version contains almost all different material and mixing by Joseph Roemer."

All three CDs in this set contain excellent material. The CD is housed in a very nice 4-panel digipack featuring pictures of the original master tapes and tasteful/tasty imagery. The release comes with an extra letter, including stickers and inserts. The sound quality is great and remains true to the original, as mentioned in the notes, 'Gently remastered 2023.' A very well-done reissue!

So, even if you already have a tape version, this is a highly recommended purchase, especially if you love noise! 

There was combo versio with cool album cover t-shirt also available as pre-order, but those are already gone. 


Also, there's Macronympha's 'Crack' reissue by Tribe Tapes, which is very nice. I'm currently out of copies, but I'll be getting more soon. 



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