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Dada Drumming

Macronympha - Whorechestra 3CD

Macronympha - Whorechestra 3CD

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3xCD reissue of the massively influential 1995 MACRONYMPHA C-60 "WHORECHESTRA" originally released by MSNP, along with the never before heard C-90 version that was shelved and forgotten for 28 years. Sent to a few acquaintances and friends and then laid aside in favor of the C-60 version mixed by Rodger Stella, the C-90 version contains almost all different material and mixing by Joseph Roemer. A thrilling reminder that at the top of their partnership, Roemer/Stella were an absolute juggernaut, and without equal.

Track 1 from Side A of the C-60 version (Track 1 on Disc 1) appears as Track 3 on Side A of the C-90 version (Track 3 on Disc 2) in a shorter capacity.

A full 2-1/2 hours of MACRONYMPHA to satiate any true-heads appetite for powerful harsh noise.

Packaged in a fold-out 4-panel digipak with original collage artwork.

Disc 2: "WHORECHESTRA" C-90 Side A
Disc 3: "WHORECHESTRA" C-90 Side B

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