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Ahlzagailzehguh + Viodre - AHLZVIODRE CS

Ahlzagailzehguh + Viodre - AHLZVIODRE CS

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Bryan Gilroy created True Interior Art that never provided any easy answers but continues after 20+ years to raise questions and stimulate the imagination with violent dreams. His absence has been felt, and his return is welcome and timely. - Dominick Fernow

NRR is proud to re-issue this 2008 collaboration between Long Island noise artists Viodre and Ahlzegailzeguh. Originally released on Throne Heap in an edition of 75. This is dubbed from the original masters. Contains two studio collaborations and a live set. Ahlzegailzeguh's metal abuse and Viodre's abstract bursts create a dynamic and wild animal. The live piece includes vocals by a young FFH; 7 years before his landmark Make Them Understand album. The masters and artwork, generously provided by Throne Heap, closely resemble the original release. This re-issue captures the essence of the material without additional mastering. The collaboration marks a turning point in the noise scene, not the turning point, but representing a pivotal era where subgenres emerged and crystallized. This tape holds historical importance and sounds fresh even after 15 years.

Edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered on a golden "death dollar"
metallic reflective gold j-card with black ink in standard norelco case

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