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Arv & Miljö - Jorden Först LP

Arv & Miljö - Jorden Först LP

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An emotionally charged and bizarrely evocative look at radical environmental advocacy groups, mainly Earth First! and Earth Liberation Front, channeled through the memories of the Swedish Plogbill-movement and their actions throughout the early 90's. Monologue, snippets of interview segments, protest songs and site recordings are mixed up with the rather raw kosmische synth music Arv & Miljö has explored during the last couple of years. The result is a mesmerizing and multi-faceted audio collage; charmingly disorienting and chaotic but also harmonic and oddly soothing. Ultimately, Jorden Först is not so much about a certain cause or organization as it is about dedication, passion and the spirit of change.

Originally released as a very limited CDr on Förfall in 2021, Jorden Först was quickly hailed as one of the absolute highlights in the vast Arv & Miljö discography among the ones that heard it. The recording was extended and slightly reworked and remixed for vinyl in July 2022.

Edition of 500 copies, printed on brown kraftboard covers with insert. Mastered by Lasse Marhaug.
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