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Black Vault - Hymns To The Great Devourer CD

Black Vault - Hymns To The Great Devourer CD

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Prepare to be devoured. Black Vault, a new formation dedicated to pitch-black Ritual Industrial, present „Hymns to the Great Devourer“. Steeped in dark occult traditions and sinister antihumanism, this Danish act remains loyal to the virtues of the subgenre while still maintaining a neat refreshing take.

It is rare that this style is pulled off as well as here. Minimalistic frequencies of necrophile Death Worship, gurgling demonic vocals and stylish percussive elements blend together in a Maelström of devotion and frenzy. Both the lyrics and the overall feel are a testimony to Black Vault's insights into the forbidden lore and practices shunned and condemned by the general public. Those who know, know.

„Hymns to the Great Devourer“ delivers exactly what it promises. Many may think of some of the triumphs from the old Cold Meat Industry roster or similar big names from Scandinavia, but Black Vault are certainly no copycats. The atmosphere is absolutely on-point and the album is nothing short of crushing. Get this, if you dare!

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