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Blackfire - Blackfire CS

Blackfire - Blackfire CS

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Blackfire is the duo of Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft) and Andrew Kirschner. Edition of 75 copies in a semi-transparent sleeve of cut-and-paste artwork, ziplock-bagged 

Blackfire is the collaborative project of Wyatt Howland (best known for his work as Skin Graft, but also the black heart of about 30 other Cleveland projects) and Andrew Kirschner (long-time experimental raconteur, and also a tentacled contributor to the Cleveland scene), a blurred vision of urban decay which finds a middle ground between Wyatt’s noise misanthropy and Andrew’s dissociative experimental manipulations. Found sound, filthy noise, late night unease, and backlot malaise all coalesce in the duo’s firs release in four years, ‘Blackfire’.

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