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Burial Hex - In Hiding CD

Burial Hex - In Hiding CD

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After nearly 20 years of activity from this restless Horror Electronics / Post-Industrial project, many Burial Hex compilation tracks have been released, often of a very unique and high quality as Burial Hex seemed to enjoy taking compilation submission requests as an opportunity to offer new perspectives on their already bizarre and eclectic work.

"In Hiding" features a carefully curated selection of the crucial Burial Hex compilation tracks, gathering and remastering them together, striving to create a resonance between disparate sources, forming an extraordinary new experience.

Many of the tracks were from cassettes, vinyl, or digital-only releases for labels such as Brave Mysteries, Aurora Borealis, Clan Destine, Small Doses, and Buh, appearing here on CD for the first time - or in the case of 'Pentitential March', never-before released. Clay Ruby has remixed each track, in some cases re-envisioning them specifically to live together coherently in this incarnation, making this collection more like a new studio album rather than another anthology compilation.

Revelling in the intimate, feral surrealism that we have come to know without parallel from this intoxicating project, "In Hiding" is an excellent view into the romantic Promethean theater of Burial Hex, whether for the neophyte or the adept.

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