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White Centipede Noise

Dead Body Love - Puke On My Corpse CD

Dead Body Love - Puke On My Corpse CD

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CD reissue of the exceedingly rare and scarcely heard tape by this Italian legend who needs no introduction, originally released as part of the BloodLust! Cassette Series in 1996. Packaged in a tall format 6-panel digipack to honor the classic BloodLust! layout, this reissue features extensive liner notes by Sam McKinlay and Mark Solotroff.

"The resulting sound is like a chaptered journey through DBL’s influential brand of harsh noise, creating a mountain of HN information that maintains the blown out, mid to low range Italian quality of recording and keeps the listener alert with the rapid strikes of higher end violence. ‘Puke On My Corpse’ is a DBL display of cohesive techniques and fits in perfectly with the other culminating style masterpieces of harsh noise which retain the more minimal concentration on distortion lines, but give way to different detailing and the creation of a massively overdriven and overwhelming recording."

-Sam McKinlay, excerpt from liner notes

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