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Abhorrent A.D.

Death Glaze - Derailment at Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne CD

Death Glaze - Derailment at Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne CD

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Thomas Brust's Death Glaze project has been a consistent mainstay in the AAD catalog and "Derailment at Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne" marks it's fourth release on the label thus far.

Over the past few years Death Glaze has successfully carried the torch of Canadian Harsh Noise Wall spearheaded by projects like The Rita and Taskmaster, and while this album still utilizes the heavy crunching textures of the genre, it's actually a conscious departure from HNW into a much more varied, dynamic and conceptual approach to Harsh Noise based on a railway disaster in the early 1900's resulting in the deaths of hundreds of French soldiers...a theme that is hauntingly palpable throughout the album's tense build up.

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