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Orb Tapes

Drekka - The Water of Life CS

Drekka - The Water of Life CS

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"The Water of Life" is something I started a LONG time ago, originally as part of a 2015 series that John Flannelly put together called "Mellow Monday" where artists performed long form sets right in Monument Circle, Indianapolis. People were invited to collaborate, although only one curious child actually did (as is often the case).

It was initially supposed to be, and still is, a Dune concept album. Although once they announced the new version of Dune, I mentally shelved the project. But, a broader interest in Arrakis doesn't make my own decades long love of the sandworms and their sacrifice for the Fremen any less relevant!

There is a purposeful juxtaposition between the calm, meditative litanies presented and the sandstorm, radio frequencies and struggle that takes place in the higher frequencies. It is, in a lot of ways, a definitive document of my work at the time; the displaced, distortion of memories being recalled using faulty equipment... a sort of rats in the works chaos, and an emerging focus on mantra and stoic aims.

Professionally dubbed in real-time
White shells with paper labels
Digital download card included
Limited to 75 copies

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