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Cold Spring

Drew Daniel & John Wiese - Continuous Hole CD

Drew Daniel & John Wiese - Continuous Hole CD

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This collaborative album by Drew Daniel (Matmos, The Soft Pink Truth) and John Wiese (Sissy Spacek, Smegma, LHD) is the fruit of over 10 years of recordings in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Baltimore.

Originally issued in 2018 as a vinyl only release (Gilgongo Recs), "Continuous Hole" melds improvisation and musique concrète composition into a unique document of labour-intensive rhythm. A finger puzzle of reconciled opposites: lockstep structure and constant flux.

Relentlessly variable source material is relegated to precisely timed gated forms and patterns. Without using any sampling or MIDI sequencing, the rhythmic cuts are constructed entirely from volcanic, gnarled abstraction, and eschew typical genre elements.

Raw yet precise, from mayhem to menace, this is a album of strong contrasts from two American artists discovering common ground in the joy of frenzied cutting.

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