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Prime Ruin

Fixate - Concrete Motion CS

Fixate - Concrete Motion CS

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Jake and Joey, the prolific pair behind Chlorine, Slums of Heaven, Synth Punk Rex and more- are back with 'Concrete Motion'. While last year's Chlorine tape showcased their prowess at angular, NZ-style post-punk, a different approach is taken with their latest release as Fixate. Previous Fixate recordings showed the Kentucky pair experimenting with more synth heavy loops and ambient noise but with 'Concrete Motion' we get something new entirely. For starters, vocal duties are switched up with Jake taking center stage and delivering soothing melodies over the sunny daydream tracks with Joey on back-ups. We're also invited 'Through the Side' to mellow out amongst some perfectly arranged drum, bass and piano pairings.

The instrumentation on this recording is not only stellar, but shows the never-ending diversity these two are able to achieve through their apparent chemistry as complimentary artists. Fixate manages to challenge previous expectations while still leaving the building blocks present so we can see how they arrived here. Once again we have a cassette befitting of an even wider format release. There's no better time than now to pay attention. Let's keep listening.

Prime Ruin
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