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Fumbata Phiri - Liminal Space CS

Fumbata Phiri - Liminal Space CS

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"While making this album I was inspired by the scientific themes and topics expressed by both 1970s magazine "Radical Software" and 1980s magazine "OMNI" for their influence on the video synthesis and broadcasting culture of our present day. Radical Software arrived in 1969 at a time of major social upheaval. The Viet Nam war was raging and the loss of Martin Luther King exacerbated feelings that a war on race war seemed inevitable. The Nixon presidency amplified feelings of dispare but compelled many to imagine alternatives to the soulless, murderous culture in they were existing in. The urge to create new cultural structures, developed revolutionary video hardware that would play a pivotal role in accelerating the social change people desired. Authors of the magazine understood that change would only occur by increasing the level of social pressure. Through their reading of Buckminster Fuller, Gregory Bateson and Marshall McLuhan, they realized what needed to be changed was not the machines, but the instructions used to operate them. The social implications proved radical hardware was fine but what was critically needed was "Radical Software". The magazine became a form of social activism. It would be a forum, a video craft how-to-magazine, a rudimentary marketing and distribution system for the burgeoning community, and a journal of philosophical speculation and political opinion for all who shared their vision. The cover of the album is created by CINEMA.AV using LZX video synthesizers." 

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