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Dominance Of Darkness

Glasberg - Urklang des Blutes LP

Glasberg - Urklang des Blutes LP

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Nice Austrian dungeon synth LP

Founded in 2020 by Herrscher des Waldes & Lord Sargeburt (An Old Sad Ghost), the austrian entity Glasberg combines the melancholy of dungeon synth magic with martial war drums and imaginations of obscure fairytales and darkest folklore.

Heavy inspired by it's own country underground legacy this duo draws his visions from legends like "The Moon lay hidden beneath a cloud" or early "Der Blutharsch".

"Urklang des Blutes" contains the first works of this austrian low-fi supremacy and combines "Diener des höchsten Prinzips", "Mär" and their lamentum "Heilige Wien!" on one physical relic.

Root in tradition and lurk beneath the hymns of pagan gnosis..

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