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Grimoire De Occulte - Sinister Rituals CD

Grimoire De Occulte - Sinister Rituals CD

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"Grimoire de Occulte, consisting of Baal and Philosoph, have left their days of Death Metal behind them and cement their Ritual music with their new full-length „Sinister Rituals“. One lengthy track with a lot of variation and atmosphere that will please even the staunchest of critics.

One of the most convincing traits of Grimoire de Occulte's new release is the physicality of the sounds. Cymbals introduce the listener to the contained „Sinister Rituals“, mediatative percussion forms a solid narration and analogue synthesizers sputter verses from an inhuman chthonic sphere of transformation. The build-up is impressively crafty and there is always something happening and changing in this long piece, which flows like a solid album. It is no surprise that tibetan instruments and other fashioned from human bone were used alongside the analogue electronics and percussive instruments.

Fans of experimental Noise will also appreciate the highly organic samples and textures that pop between the deep and soothing drones and the overall feel of creepy transgression and ecstasy. One is sometimes reminded of the glorious days of Nekrophile Records or the current cream of the crop such as Halo Manash or Haare. Grimoire de Occulte's „Sinister Rituals“ is a must-buy and one of the best Ritual Industrial albums of the recent years."

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