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Häxa Komät - One Void Ceremonial Program I CS

Häxa Komät - One Void Ceremonial Program I CS

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Bent Window is proud to present this ritual ambient release from the One Void Collective (Atlanta, GA). Pay attention to the stripped down rhythyms, melting into their surroundings. The trance-like work leading down the paths of the metaphysical. In reference to the recording Häxa Komät expresses the following:

"Thematically based on the religious and spiritual practices of animatism and unitary religious experiences via ritual, ceremony, self expression and art. Presented through the lens of the artistic/religious collective of which the project is a part; One Void Collective. A small group of artists focused on the expression and manifestation of animatistic ideas and an altered state of consciousness through meditation, repetition, natural substances and performing artistic activities."


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