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Head Separating From Body - Submerged in Silk CDR

Head Separating From Body - Submerged in Silk CDR

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HSFB or Head Separating From Body or Max Hamel, is an experimental musician focused on the medium of electronic synthesis. More specifically, they invent and design synthesizers that they use to compose with. While this culture of dually talented creators is constantly growing, to cite Hamel as another voice in a room of many would be a disservice. Head Separating From Body is a controller of synthetic chaos, not just one of its architects.

On Submerged in Silk, Hamel presents us with 4 tracks that hit all the sweet spots of electronic synth exploration. Fast, quippy, blips bounce playfully in stereo, lingering tones provide hazy structure and crude blasts of static deliver a jarring left hook. There is an apparent pacing here and each track is expressive in its own right. This album shows off Hamel's composition skills on a level unseen until now, although last year's "First Snow" certainly primed us for it. Between the speed at which we're presented with contrasting urgent electronics and the stereo delivery, Submerged in Silk can satiate cut-up harsh noise enthusiasts and junk electronics fans alike.

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