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Noise In Japan

Hiroyuki Sugawara – Northern Latitude 38° Line CD

Hiroyuki Sugawara – Northern Latitude 38° Line CD

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Interesting Japanese field recordings by Hiroyuki Sugawara

02. Trainspotting (Recorded on December 31, 2015 - January 1, 2016) This piece is a mix of train sounds recorded at different times.

03. the bell after a bird fly (recorded on December 31, 2015) A field recording work like an ink painting, recorded from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day. A field recording work like an ink painting. A blue heron flies past, crying as if to announce the time. After a moment of silence, the New Year's bell rings out.

04. 1982-2016 (recorded on August 24, 2016) An overture before the festival begins. A work that records memories from the past to the present.

05. Kajika Frog (recorded on May 29, 2017) A field recording of a kajika frog heard from a stream.

06. Bells Gathering (recorded on January 14, 2016) A field recording of traditional culture with countless bells ringing. The soothing tones ring out endlessly in the snow.

07. Japan Sea Lch + Pacific Rch (recorded on July 7, 2017) A work in which waves from the Japan Sea side and the Pacific side were recorded and mixed respectively. The sound of the Sea of Japan can be heard from the left side, and the sound of the Pacific Ocean can be heard from the right side. The number of waves hitting the Japan Sea and the Pacific Ocean is also different.

2015 to 2016 North Korea was launching missiles frequently. The title "38th parallel north" also includes this underlying theme.


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