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Hunting Lodge - Live At The Lodge CS

Hunting Lodge - Live At The Lodge CS

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The second live event by Hunting Lodge was an invitation-only concert that took place in the common area (“The Lodge”) inside Indian Trail Mobile Home Park north of Port Huron, Michigan. This event was organized by Indian Trail resident Jeff Chenault and included Shame, Exposure: as the opener. By this point the band consisted of two members, Richard Skott and Lon C. Diehl, following the relocation of Carla Nordstrom to San Francisco earlier that year. April 1st, 1983 coincided with the Christian holiday “Good Friday”. When Hunting Lodge played, there were two televisions on either side of the stage. One monitor played the candy-colored technicolor bombast of the 1956 film “The Ten Commandments” while the other played mostly “violent” imagery. The only stage lights were pointed away from the two remaining band members, towards the audience.

Much of the material performed during this concert were compositions that Hunting Lodge were in the process of recording for their first album, “WILL” which ended up being released May of 1983. One track from this live recording, entitled “Hand Of Glory”, would serve as the third song on the album.

Original recording digitized by Knox Mitchell of Easy Listening, restored/mastered by Grant Richardson.

Professional real time duplication, in a split black/white shell.

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