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Illusion Of Safety - Organ Choir Drone CS

Illusion Of Safety - Organ Choir Drone CS

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For 2023, and for the 40th year of Illusion of Safety's existence, the project's progenitor Daniel Burke invited Arvo Zylo to work with him in putting together this release of previously unheard material. This entailed going through many hours of audio and deciding whether or not it could be useful, either as source material or finished product, but also included certain "treatments" and editing decisions from Zylo, in the process of deciding what was finished and what was simply source material.

Burke says: "I worked diligently with Arvo compiling and mixing the best material available, distilling the modes and methods I've been using for some years: field recordings, electronics, electro-acoustic, and synthesis. Some of the raw materials are my first recordings with the Eurorack modular synthesizer dating back to 2010, and were used in the collaboration with Shen Wei Dance Arts for our performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC in 2011."

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