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Public Froth

Joë Shep - Out From The Briar Batch CS

Joë Shep - Out From The Briar Batch CS

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Out from the briar patch is a printing of improvised music from a three-week ramble through audio tools for ear herding, namely modular synthesis. Joë Shep is employed in one of the oldest occupations of the world; she relies heavily on the traditions and tropes of Pan shepherds with impromptus and rustic music, sounding the topography of a roaming life on a specifically unattainable hillside.

“A long way they went, over dry lava-flows from the great extinct volcanoes rearing their cones against the unnamed stars, across the spurs of silent hills, through valleys of short black grass, past towns or down their unlit streets between houses through whose windows no face looked. The stars hung in the sky; none set, none rose. There was no change here. No day would come.

She must keep watch over this place where once death had found a way back into the other land. Patient now, infinitely patient, she waited among the rocks where no river would ever run again, in the heart of the country which has no seacoast. The stars stood still above her; and as she watched them, slowly, very slowly she began to forget the voice of streams and the sound of rain on the leaves of the forests of life.”

UKLG The Word of Unbinding

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